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The Swedish Species Information Centre (ArtDatabanken) will run a 20 years giant project to improve the current taxonomy. They’ll develop keys for the identification of all multicellular living organisms in Sweden, which is approx. 50 000 species.

We’re talking about all insects, fungi, mosses, algae, lichens, vertebrates and invertebrates… It’s HUGE! *whistles*

Senior scientists and other species experts will also produce 125 volumes of identification handbooks in Swedish: “The Swedish Flora and Fauna Encyclopedia” with short English summary with the key facts, both an electronic edition and in paper.

This research is really going in the footsteps of Carl Linneaus, the father of the taxonomy – he discovered the first 3,600 species during the 18th century and tried to classify them.

I bet he would be very pleased to know that his work is continued!

A lot of the work is done the same way: first they must get out there to collect the species to describe, then they can come home to the lab and investigate them further and write descriptions of them.

Just like Linneaus did, the difference is that they got more modern tools for it.

It’s very exciting really – there’s just so much we don’t know about life on Earth!

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    This is very cool. I just wonder what took them so long to pick up where Carl Linneaus left off? Oh well, looks like they are back on track. Have a great day. :)

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    claudie said:

    It’s a beautiful and interesting project! It’s always a pleasure to know flora and fauna of his own land ! I invite you to taste the beaujolais nouveau arrived since thursday! Now I go to bed and tomorrow I’ll visit our friend in Egypt, Miami and Panama! So good time on our ship!

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    Aiyana said:

    That is going to be a massive project, even with modern technology. Sometimes I wish some the reclassification of plants (cacti and succulents) didn’t occur. It seems that every two years, plants are classified into a new genus, or several are combined or taken out, and before you can learn the new names, they’ve been reclassified once again. Once every 25 years is about right in my estimation!
    Happy GTS,

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    Gattina said:

    I have to say honnestly that insects, fungi, mosses, algae, lichens, and invertebrates are not really my cup of tea, but I am sure that this is a very important research !
    I have something more feminine in my post today, jewelery, all kind of statues and other items you can find as souvenirs in Egypt. You can choose some, lol !

    blueblue said:

    I think the task is a huge one…but goodness knows what technological breakthroughs for medicine, science and everyday life might come from it.

    Caledonia said:

    I’m not a huge nature fan but I find some stuff absolutely fascinating and the BBC has made some fantastic nature programmes over the past few years like Planet Earth and The Blue Planet. They wake you up to how the world is an amazing and precious place that should be protected from destructive humans.

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    Bongo said:

    Hi Captain,
    Glad you enjoyed it, the signal box is the ideal location to practice my bongo bashing as their is no one to annoy.
    Great project that they are undertaking and will be interesting what the results of it will be.I am hopless at remembering names and often resort to trying to describe them, totaly confusing everyone.

    Cheers Bongo

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    raja said:

    I love biology very much in my school life. Since i took engineering in my college, i miss it so much…. So many species would have become extict due to many reasons now. Lets see… If u get the e-release first, mail me captain :smile:

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    Gisela said:

    Thank you for your post about the this project..
    I am very interested to read and learn more about lichens, mushrooms and fungi. If I find any in our small community along the shoreline of Lake Ontario I am taking pictures and post them in my blogs.
    I’ll send this link to my daughter in Varberg Sweden.
    cheers from Canada

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    Hootin' Anni said:

    I just put up a slideshow of a ‘side trip’ [of about 5 miles from home] ! We went to see Disney on Ice –tho the photos don’t do justice, I thought I’d share some ‘culture’ of our Bay Area for the weekend.

    Gattina said:

    Would have been a deception for you then, lol ! No cloth department in this area or only Egytian clothing adopted to Europe but this is very nice to wear when you are there but a little ridiculous when you are home. For “normal” cloth shopping I think you have to go to Cairo !

    maiylah said:

    what a charming shot!
    sounds like a very ambitious undertaking, but I’m sure it is all for the good of everyone, including our knowledge about how to properly take care of mother earth. :smile:

    Midas said:

    That’s amazing…will it include crawling squirmy things?

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    Ev Nucci said:

    Well Captaino…check out the new babe on your cruise…that would be toi! Et vous!

    I like the bikini darling! It’s simply fabulous. And aren’t you cheeky! Goodness…you bring a smile my face you gorgeous babe you!

    I like how your designer did a new you! Can you tell I’m a tad behind my dear friend?

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    kml said:

    Sounds like a great task! With all this modern technology we still need to remember the basics. Great post!

    kml’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday – Grasses in the Water

    claudie said:

    Thanks to add me on your lifecruisers tip! This evening we will taste a Primeur Gamay and so during the next days tasting all different new wines!

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    lazaza83 » Le beaujolais nouveau is arrived! said:

    [...] If you want to find a nice band of cyber travelers just one word: Lifecruisership! [...]

    Ann M. said:

    Great picture! What an amazing and important task this project is :)

    Happy GTS!

    Ann M.’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday #10

    TorAa said:

    We are all greatful to Linnea and his epoch-making works and discoveries – even in Norway we learned about him at primary School.

    Great post

    PS – I finnished (at last) a new one from SOBE.

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    Alka Srivastava said:

    The field of taxonomy has seen immense advancement due to the development of new technologies. Carl Linnaeus’s efforts at trying to categorize the immense flora and fauna into groups were pioneering and although his technique has been vastly modified, scientist still abide by his binomial nomenclature. Any concerted effort to further his pioneering effort is commendable. For people who are unable to appreciate the importance of the need for taxonomy, I would invite them to imagine/remember a visit to the library where they could not find a book because it was not placed its correct place or was erroneously cataloged.

    I really liked going through your blog. Thanks for sharing such an interesting piece of information

    Alka Srivastava’s last blog post..Flowers–Its all about sex, baby!

    A. said:

    Really interesting, even though while I was at university the word taxonomy used to make my heart sink:)

    A.’s last blog post..World Toilet Day 19 November 2007

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