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Our wedding photos from 28th of August 2004 is now added, but I’ve not done any comments to them yet. I’m not sure if I’m going to comment all of them, it’s a lot of work.

There is no photos of us before the wedding, sitting at home, eating lunch, unbelievable calm both of us… We were not nervous until we come to the chapel. Months before that I had been nervous, because of my habit of giggling hysterical when I’m not allowed to laugh. I did it on the rehearsal… Total breakdown.
The main reason for that was that I started to imagine things that could go wrong, because the priest had an artificial arm you see. I saw it in my fantasy, how it would come loose and fly all over the chapel, landing rough on some one. Sometimes fantasies are no good…
Of course I had to tell every one about my fantasies in advance, which resulted in that I couldn’t look at them in the chapel, because it would have started me to giggle (and probably them too) and I could definitely not look at Mr Lifecruiser more than very short moments. Which was a big pity.
Did I giggle in the chapel? Well, I managed almost through… Just when the wonderful words were said and I thought I’ve made it, the ring didn’t fit Mr Lifecruisers finger! I couldn’t get it on his finger, no matter how I tried and of course that made me giggle enormously! Help me, I managed to say and then I broke down totally, folded double. NOTE: the priest did NOT even smile a little. *heavy sigh*
We did get him to at least smile a little when we’re supposed to give each other a little kiss. The kiss was not little, it tended to be longer and longer, we totally forgot were we were… We woke up when they all started to laugh a little. Hm. That’s us in a nutshell. It comes so natural for us to show our feelings to each other.
The thing was that the priest had no humor, he was as boring as any person can be, but it was the only one that was free at that time to marry us. We couldn’t change date because all the other weekends we were away travelling. He was very difficult to communicate with so that made it worse of course.
Then when the music started that was choosen for the leaving of the chapel, Mr Lifecruiser didn’t recognized it, so I had trouble to get him understand that we should go out now. That didn’t help me from giggling either…. I had to drag him in the arm and it went faster and faster as we came closer and closer to the door, because otherwise I would have had a second breakdown in there. He was on his way to the wrong door too… Well, it was fun. Afterwards.
The wedding was hold in Drottningholm Palace (The Swedish Royal Familys home) Chapel, with the bridal party in the old Ljunglöfska Castle (colonial Portuguese-Spanish style mansion) afterwards. We had a white 1955 Cadillac drive us there.
We had 18th century clothes (in Swedish 1700-tal) , which was a total surprise for our guests, as we hadn’t told anyone about it. It was fun to wear something totally different! And it was so suitable for the chapel that was from that century and had a wedding at that date about 250 years earlier.
It was a small wedding with just the family and our closest friends, but it was so very nice. We had a trumpeter and guitarrist in the chapel, very beautiful. Then at Ljunglöfska we started with champagne and cheers of course, then we had a magician around and made some magic card tricks with the guests.
There was a lot of good food and speaches to us too. And then it was the heavy duty of openening all the wonderful wedding gifts… Wow, I didn’t think of that part before, what time it took!
After that the dance started. My husband is excellent on the Wienerwalz, worked like a charm, even though I was a little bit worried to stumble on my long skirt…. (Almost did!) Then it went over to more modern dance.
Every one seemed to be very happy with us, so there was a total success. It surely was a amazingly happy day for us. We couldn’t stop kissing, they almost had to break us apart.
I never thought I would say this, but my husband was straighten up his stayups (!) all night long, because they were sliding down all the time!
As we would have ordered it, it was a wonderful full moon that night, very romantic indeed. The moonlight was shining on the lake down below the balcony.
The night ended with quite an impressive fireworks (no good photos of it unfortenately) out on the lawn below the balcony at the seaside and right after that we disappeared mystical in the dark night. No one knew that we had rented the bridal suite there, so we just had to go over the lawn to be “home” and relax in the jacuzzi and have some romancy of our own….

Comment: Yes, we know that we should have had horses to transport us from the chapel, but we had to be practical, it had taken too long time to get to the dinner castle. We had to be realistic…

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    mrhaney said:

    well it sounds like one heck of a wedding and it will be some thing to remember when times get difficult. my wedding was in san diego, california at st. joseph’s cathedral. it was very nice and we got some good photo’s very good post. thanks.

    Dave said:

    Ours was a small wedding also. And like you, my child bride Wanda, was at the giggle point through the whole thing. And like you the minister had to call time on the kiss but he did laugh about it.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks mrhaney. It’s nice with photos, they reminds us of details long forgotten.

    Well, Dave, I guess the giggling part sort of make us remember it even more? Anyway, it’s always nicer to giggle than to cry…

    martin said:

    Looks like a rather average wedding to me.

    ARE YOU JOKING! It looks like a fantastic wedding, what a day you had and you both looked fantastic in your “so last Century” outfits.. he he..

    What a lovely couple you make, what a day to remember, great photos!

    I too suffer from the giggles; my sister and me have to make sure we do not make eye contact at funerals!

    At my wedding I had to bite my lip enough to draw blood to stop myself from laughing.

    On our wedding video you can hear a thud as a turnip, which was on a window ledge, fell onto my uncles head. The turnip was part of a Harvest festival display and managed to work itself loose.

    I wondered why everyone was laughing.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Kind Regards


    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks for your kind words martin, especially the first row. Hehe, it woke me up as you know it would!

    Don’t even mention funeral giggles to me….!!!

    Loved the turnip fall, no wonder you had to bit yourself to blood. What a performance hey?

    Have a nice weekend you too. Don’t drink too much beer. Or do!!!

    Dot said:

    Sounds like one Beautiful Wedding. I love reading stories where the love from the two people shows thru so great. Your happiness shows in your writing. Wishing you many many more years of happiness together.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks Dot. Yes, it’s always a pleasure to read about Love. It gives that warm glowing feeling in the heart…

    Gina said:

    I’m just now reading this and envy you! That was a wonderful saga and I LoVeD that you had it in Drottnigholm! ( I had Röda Huset i Sigtuna). But for our 20th anniversary (yes, I was a child bride, lmao!) in 3 years, we too will do Slotet!

    TorAa said:

    3 years of marriage – well we’ve been to the spot where mr lifecruiser proposed and you engaged – and now – where you married. And how. Fantastic.
    I wonder how you will celeb the 3 years day. Here in Norway it’s calles Leather Wedding (3 years of marriage). What’s called in Sweden).

    Friday I have my first year as blogger celeb. Hope my connection will work.

    hugs from
    T and A
    in the Summerhouse

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