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    DianeCA said:

    Good info! But of course I hope I never need them. Glad I was flying last weekend and not this one!!!

    Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences said:

    Excellent info. Shame we even have to worry about this stuff, but it is important to have when you need it, right?


    Hey, thanks for running this blog, its really a good read for me at work :) !

    Vagabonde said:

    These are very useful links. Thanks for posting them.

    TorAa said:

    Yeah, we know:

    Sölvi should have been to Düsseldorf visiting Ingelin and Co last weekend. We picked up Stompa, her Cat last Wednesday,; adress: Askeveien. Can you believe it?

    Maria was expected to go to London.

    Renny and I should have been i Bodö the weekend to come.

    Ingelin have planned to come to Oslo also the Weekend to come.

    We are all affected.
    More or less.

    Pls join the Nordic ABC:


    This is a good info! Now, time to read all of it

    Fishing said:

    Thats formidable list to keep one’s self secure, but I hope I never require to call a single one of them.

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