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Ship Log Notes in this post:

♥ Lifecruiser Blog Make Over
♥ A-Team Cruisers Butt Kicking
♥ To write a cyber cruise post
♥ All Lifecruisers: Be generous
♥ All Lifecruisers: Mingle!
♥ Lifecruiser Tips
♥ Invite interesting blog buddies
♥ New A-Team Cruiser
♥ Downgraded A-Team Cruisers
♥ New A-Swab Team Members
♥ Lifecruisers sidebar cleaning
♥ Bloggers Awards All Kinds
♥ A-Team Cruiser Pass badges

Lifecruiser Blog Make Over

I’ve been talking about a new blog layout for this blog ever since I started in 2005. Even though I’ve done some changes of the background and blog header images, no real blog make over have been done.

I’ll now hire somebody else to do it for me, because I’ve realized that it will never happen if I proceed with the self deceit thought that I’ll make it myself. Besides that: I want a more professional approach.

I’ve kicked my butt now and at least started the process to hire a special blog designer in mind and I’m very excited about it!!!

More information will come later in this subject…

A-Team Cruisers Butt Kicking

At the moment we have kind of a slow pace here in the cyber cruise, so I’ll grab the opportunity to kick my A-Team Cruisers butt a bit…. *giggles*

Please dig deep in your sources, you must have a lot of experiences in your luggage than you can share with us…?

It doesn’t necessary have to be a whole trip you’ve made to another place – it can be a certain subject, culture discussion or what ever you want to show us or discuss with us.

Let me know what you have in mind and when and I’ll announce it in advance.

We’re ready for some more dirty cruise dancing :-)

To write a cyber cruise post

- To write a cyber cruise is for A-Team Cruiser only. That means that I’ll announce the post in advance and that the other cruisers should be visiting you and comment your cruise post. Meaning more publicity for you :-)

- The criteria for being a cyber cruise post is a bit vague, it could be: your hometown, a trip you’ve done – even the smallest one, some culture subject, a fantasy trip, anything interesting or a subject you are passionated about.

- When writing a cyber cruise post, make sure to add a technorati tag in the end of the cruise post, so it’s easy to find:

- I suggest that you even add a link to the Cruiser Grades page AND the Lifecruiser blogroll page, so it’s easy to find, which YOU will benefit from – the more that joyn’s us, the more exposure and commenters YOU get and the more FUN we’ll have!

All Lifecruisers: Be generous

Link to others cruise posts in the end of your ordinary none cruise posts – as some of you already has done as the excellent cruisers you are.

Spread the word about the other cruisers posts, it’s nothing wrong with leaving tips to other bloggers, is there?

All Lifecruisers: Mingle!

The idea of the cyber cruise is not only to share with other cruisers, butt also to mingle with all the other cruisers, so please do some mingle on deck here and in the cruise ports. Let’s have even more fun :-)

Lifecruiser Tips

As you may have noticed, I sometimes add a row in the end of my post, butt still above the lifebouy, which says Lifecruiser Tips. That is because I want to encourage cruisers that aren’t A-Team Cruisers – yet – and has written posts that I find interesting.

It can even be links to A-Team Cruisers that haven’t announced the post as a cyber cruise port for some other reason.

Invite interesting blog buddies

If you have other blog buddies that you know writes posts that could fit the cyber cruise or has the potential of writing cruise posts – and love to have some fun – don’t hesitate to lead them here to check us out!

Or: tip me about them and I’ll contact them :-)

New A-Team Cruiser

I’ve upgraded A. from A Changing Life‘s membership here to A-Team Cruiser. She has already shown a great potential, being with us a lot AND taking an own initiative to write her nice special “side-posts” to our cyber cruise posts!

She has already proven her capability, last time with her wonderful post about Amsterdam impressions.

Well done and welcome on the top deck, A.!!!

Whispering: There are a couple of other bloggers in my mind, that might climb up to top deck soon!

Downgraded A-Team Cruisers

We have a few A-Team Cruisers who hasn’t been active as a Lifecruiser for a very long time now.

They are downgraded to the A-Swab Team deckroll – not thrown out in the Sea directly ;-)

- Irish Church Lady
- Tricia’s Musings
- Frolicsome Kid

You’re ALWAYS warmth ♥ welcome back later as an A-Team Cruiser – we miss you :-)

New A-Swab Team Members

We have a couple of new cruisers that haven’t been properly introduced yet:

Eastcoastlife were found by myself. I found her tracks all over the internet ;-)

Cut from her blog:

“Proud citizen of Singapore. Some people don’t deserve to live on this beautiful country. Somebody wants to hurt my 15 year-old son. I’ll do everything to save him. Hear my stories. I’m determined. I’m fearless. How much will it take to break me? I live on the east coast of Singapore……”

Vlado&Toni came her upon recommendation from one of our A-Team Cruisers. Excellent done Gattina!!! You get an extra bottle of Dom for this!!! *giggles*

Cut from their blog:

“Vlado and Toni have been married for almost 5 years and lives in a nice,small town near Frankfurt in Germany. Vlado comes from Bulgaria and Toni is a filipina. They don’t have a baby yet, but they have a cat who thinks he is one. Vlado works and Toni shops :) Seriously, Toni works as a kindergarden teacher. Vlado on the other hand, hopes he can get a new J-O-B SOOOOOONNNNN before he loses his mind”.

Hop over and make them feel welcome at the ship :-)

Lifecruisers sidebar cleaning

I don’t like when my sidebar get cluttered by all kind of different buttons and colors and sizes - if they don’t fill their purpose. So, the Bloggers Choice Award button and the Spicypage buttons had to go.

I think that both of those sites are kind of dead, so I cut them off as dead meat ;-)

I’m still nominated for both Best Travel Blog and Best Humor Blog, just not showing the button. The group I have in Spicypage were hardly not used by anyone. It’s still there, I’m just not using it anymore.

Bloggers Awards All Kinds

Thanks x millions for all the awards received just recently. I’m overwhelmed of how nice all blogbuddies are! Though I find it a bit tough to keep up with all these love-showing awards going on everywhere for the moment and have no place for them in my sidebar….

So this time I’ll not pass on those to anyone specific, butt to ALL OF YOU that reads this: you’re all worth it!!!

- The “I ♥ your blog”-award from Coffe2go
- You Make Me Smile Award Coffe2go
- Thoughtful Blogger Award from Life in the Fast Lane
- Blogging Star Award from Comedy Plus
- Another Creative Blogger Award from The green fingered photograph

(If you wanna grab the award-buttons, follow the links to those above :-)

A-Team Cruiser Pass badges

How did it go with the Lifecruiser Pass badges? Well, I’m way behind in the schedule to produce them, butt they will arrive later, have some patience…

Captain ♥ Lifecruiser

Oslo, The City with The Big Heart

Lifecruiser Tips:
Overdue Santorini pictures
Overdue Santorini pictures part 2

Lifecruiser lifering

Last Cyber Cruise Event:
Secret Island Viking Town Birka
Green land on the secret island

Coming Cyber Cruise events:

Maui, Hawaii, US
Mälar Islands, Stockholm
Fulu Fjäll (mountain), Sweden
Uppsala, Sweden
Denmark – Germany
Algarve, Portugal
Scotland (several posts)
Fuerteventura, Spain

Do you want to hop aboard at next event?
Read about Cruiser Grades.

Read more about Lifecruiser cyber cruise.

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29 Comments on “13 Ship Log Notes Of Captain”

    TorAa said:

    Captain, I wrote a cruisereport on Dröbak a while ago. I’m ready to post one about Tôcksfors – ha-ha Töcksfors

    Why is that? He he: 1658 inhabitants and a shopping Mall for 100.000? But also interesting history (Dalslandskanal —- etc)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Excellent Tor! We’re looking forward to that!

    Just tell me a date you wish to announce.

    At the moment, we only have Maui report we’re waiting for, when EvNucci comes home and are ready and the rest of the upcoming ones is my owns, so these ones I can shuffle around in the gaps between my cruisers posts :-)

    TorAa said:

    If my connection will work well, I’ll post it on Friday (Tomorrow).

    My other plans is:

    Norwegian Mountains (Hemsedal) – we will most probably go there sept 21-23

    Riga: I’ll be there Oct 9-11

    Buenos Aires – Argentina – Foz do Iguazu (Brazil/Paraguay) – Dec 1-15

    TorAa said:

    PS – From the flag, I can see my present server is located in UK.

    aka R'acquel AUSTRALIA said:

    Hej Capitan :D

    Apologies for the ebbing tides of late. We are very busy working on something very under-cheeky in Australia nevertheless.

    Our beloved “Fanny” – long time Public Liason Officer of Newtown Mums, has been working so hard for us over the years that The Captain (of NM) has decided that it’s time for her to take her well-earnt sabatical and start travelling overseas to expand her blatant lack of orrifices.

    We would really love it if some of the A-team cruisers would be so kind as to play “warm(and moist)host” in their homes and towns with our beloved Fanny for a while as she makes a stopover to visit their countries.

    Fanny has already expressed specific interests in visiting Norway & Sweeden, so i’m hoping you, Renny & TorAa can help out. She is also very fond of lots of pussy, so I’m hoping that Gattina’s cats may find great amusement with her. Keen to meet other fellow members on the A-Team too.

    She is a very low maintenance house guest and won’t take up too much space within your homes if anyone may be happy to accomodate her.

    Anywayz – i shall post soon after a good talking to with our Fanny on the weekend and let you know of further developments as they arrive.

    Sincerely with lots of fart injected love,
    aka R’acquel

    P.S – The word “fanny” may mean ‘bum’ in America, but it means something entirely diferent in Australia (aka the land “Down Under”) :D

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Guess what? I’m taking a cruise, a really one, in November for my birthday!!! We’re going to the Panama Canal!!! I will, of coarse, be sending updates via satellite!

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    Wow, a lot is going on. I like it! I’m gonna come back a little later after taking Soma to the pool to read it in more detail. :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    I love to mingle! and it makes blog posts a lot more fun!
    Can’t wait to see the pro layout :)
    Lovely new additions to the crew.
    And I am looking for a “I love MY blog” button, if you find it pls let me know!! second thought: I already have one!
    What’s TorAa doing with an UK server???
    happy thursday, captain! and all :)


    I’ve been to Maui so this will be a great cruise. I’m with you on the sidebar, as I’m always deleting stuff. I still have too much. My point, if I give you an award you certainly don’t have to post it on your side bar or anywhere else. Just enjoy the linkage. Have a great day Captain… :)

    Toni said:

    Thank you very much for the very warm welcome Captain Lifecruiser. I sure do enjoy the cruises I’ve joined so far. I hope to bring you all somewhere to a destination myself :)
    Goodluck on that blog makeover!

    Caledonia said:

    Oh, I don’t want to have to walk the gangplank…

    It’s a local bank holiday here on Monday (10 Sept) so how about a trip to Edinburgh Castle? I will also be having a special competition to win some goodies including the bear I gave you as a souvenir. The competition will only be open to active cybercruisers!


    Oh what? Oh help! Can I live up to this? Now I have to read instructions…. I’m feeling horribly nervous.

    Still, we go back to France this weekend, armed with camera of course, so you never know. I’ll need to gather my thoughts after packing and unpacking, and I’ll get back to you with my offerings – Mexico?

    Yes, Tor, your servers wander all over the place. You have often had me confused :)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    I just love it when you kick my ass!! So much that I made a Cruise Post tonight and in the end even with some naked woman – your so inspiring Captain!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    To support your Cruise idea, I included your Tips of today in my last Cyber Cruise post and hope all my readers visit as it is a great A-Swab-Team contribution!
    Btw: I’m taking my lovely wife to our paradise in Sweden this weekend. This is an open house invitation: anyone wanna come and join us – not cyber vice I mean! I need to know how much I should have to buy at ‘Systembolaget’ (the liqueur store)!! ;-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Wow ! what a spring cleaning in your sidebar ! (although it’s not spring) I agree with all these awards they are too many. I put them on the very end of my blog for a while and then I springclean too !I see you stitched like mother bee in her nest and suddenly all bees get busy ! Very well. So I propose you for Sunday the last part of my holidays in England which means Croydon. It is a part of London which is very beautiful but usually not known by tourists. I would name it : In the South of London – Croydon. What do you think ?
    Why don’t you do a layout yourself ? You know enough htmls for that and there are so many examples on internet ! I am still learning. I want to do it one day myself.

    mar SPAIN said:

    It seems it’s one call from the captain and everybody is getting busy!
    I’d better hurry and do something myself! will let you know asap.


    Yippeeee!! I made it to A-Swab Team!!! hehe… I thought it would take quite a while for me to get there. Looks like Captain Lifecruiser likes me enough. haha…..

    Yup, I’m all over the internet. Got to let people know there’s a eastcoastlife in tiny Singapore. I could get bumped off for airing the dirty laundry of my Government. I received a threatening note to hurt my son. I’ll do all I can to keep him safe.

    Thanks for your mention. And Hello to fellow cruisers!!!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    All noted :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, I presume your network servers at work are wide spread?

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Sonds FABULOUS Maribeth, I do hope you’ll have a wonderful time so you can report back to us and we can become green of envy ;-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    As you can see in my new post I accepted the offer :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    We’re really looking forward to your reports :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I wish we could… butt no, too much going on right now… *sigh*

    Any one else able to go?

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Sunday and Monday is already planned as you can see in the end of my latest post, so IF you could choose another day it would be better, so we’re spreading it a bit.

    Butt If you can’t, we’ll have it on Sunday anyway.

    Just let me know :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    The A-Swab Team is easy to get into – just a link and visiting, then you have to be active a while before becoming an A-Team Cruiser at the top level which allows you to host a cyber cruise port. I hope you make it there soon too :-)

    The Cap’n DO like you a lot, so keep visiting and mingling and you’ll soon be there :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, and why I don’t do the layout myself is because I’m very picky and also out of time.

    I’m not well enough to keep up with both the blogging and the design. It takes too long time.

    I’ve finally realized that even the Captain has her’s limitations :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Sorry that your comment doesn’t show up as it should! There must be some bug involved here, because I can see your comment in the admin tool, butt it just won’t show up here – very strange and annoying :-(

    So, I’m gonna write your comment in one of my coming post instead, giving it some extra publicity!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    hello my captain!
    A serious post about our reglementation!!!At this moment I can not a lot blogging because I’m very busy! Tomorrow I will have a meeting with the parents of my pupils ! I’m total KO with these 29 little kings and queens! I’ll do my best to travel with you on the ship these days! I’m waiting now my next vacation on the 27 october during about ten days! I must go to bed now to be full of energy tomorrow with the parents of the bambini!!!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    *psst* I´m already working on a new cruise port… but since Luis is teething… well… crap in a hat…

    I´ve included the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Agency into the Viral Link Story making the rounds =)

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