Who said that you don’t like to travel? Or not is able to travel? Now you can!

Be amazed over those 13 links from from all over our big wonderful world!

1. Peculiar Streets around the World

2. World’s Most Amazing Islands

3. World’s Most Bizarre Statues

4. 10 Most Amazing Lost Cities

5. Outstanding Aerial Photos around the World

6. 10 Most Bizarre Museums

7. World’s Craziest Hotels

8. 10 Most Impressive Photos of our Universe

9. Czechs drink TWICE as much Beer as Water

10. 7 Incredible Natural Phenomena you’ve never seen

11. Bizarre Advertising around the World

12. 7 Phenomenal Animals

13. Top 10 Weirdest Toilets

I just love those weird odd things. Maybe because they make me feel more “normal” crazy….?

Would you be the slightest surprised if I tell you that my favorite is the last one with the weirdest toilets? *giggles*

I’d love to have one of these! mp3-toilet? Aquarium – or waterless? Or semi-transparent? Getting massage? (hm, where does it aim?)

Or why not just sit there on my poop-throne? *giggles*

Such wonderful inventions should be awarded! Never a dull bathroom moment again!

Captain World Lifecruiser

43 Comments on “13 Odd world links explored that never will get you bored”

    SJ Reidhead said:

    Thanks for the great list. I need a break. Great blog look.

    The Pink Flamingo

    SJ Reidhead’s last blog post..Prayer List for the Week of December 23

    Maribeth said:

    This is such a great light heart list! LOVE IT!!! Mines up too.

    Maribeth’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #60

    Nicholas said:

    I went through all of those. That’s a really entertaining TT!

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #39

    Sanni said:

    Massaging toilet??? Mhhh… sounds not to bad since I place my head inside the porcelain god every single day during pregnancy *LOL*

    Sanni’s last blog post..News on Hamster 2.0

    SandyCarlson said:

    Just in time for the redecorating, you show up with No. 13! Gotta love it!

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen No. 15: What Have the Faithful Done?

    susiej said:

    Now this is a list I can use. Thank you.

    susiej’s last blog post..By: Susiej » New Year’s resolutions or not?

    Greatfullivin said:

    Truly an interesting list. I visited most of them. Statues were amazing. I also enjoyed the pictures from the hubbel. thanks for hooking us up with these links. Have a great TT

    Greatfullivin’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen # 11

    Melanie said:

    Such an interesting list..Thanks!

    Melanie’s last blog post..Thursday 13 ~ 5th Edition

    Lori said:

    Wow, what a fun list!! Thanks for sharing. Happy TT.

    Lori’s last blog post..TT #44

    armywife said:

    i’d actually been to one of the bizarre museums and the statues were far more bizarre than i’d imagined a statue could be. great list

    Gattina said:

    Geez ! you did your homework, lol ! I loved the lost cities that’s soo interesting ! Concerning toilets I once published strange toilets for WW, they were even worse.
    I am glad that the festivities are over and now I want to get rid of all the Christmas stuff !

    Gattina’s last blog post..THURSDAY THIRTEEN

    shesawriter said:

    I bookmarked three of these.


    Happy TT!
    My Thursday Thirteen #6

    shesawriter’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #6

    Damozel said:

    Thanks for the list. I LOVE the statues. Love them. Actually, I really love them all. This is the sort of thing that makes me life worthwhile….

    Damozel’s last blog post..Clinton, Edwards, and Obama: The Economic Factor

    Planck's Constant said:

    13 Political Reasons the Chicken Crossed the Road…

    There are many reasons why the chicken crossed the road (I personally believe it was to get away from Muslims), but none are more revealing than the candidates own view of the situation. Here are 13 Politicians giving their reasons: (in some cases, m…..

    bernie said:

    One of the best TT this week, I Linked your post from 13 Political Reasons the Chicken Crossed the Road

    bernie’s last blog post..13 Political Reasons the Chicken Crossed the Road

    beth said:

    I love these kinds of list – you know, weird things. Thanks for sharing. This will take a while to get through all the links :)

    Happy New Year!!

    beth’s last blog post..No Massacre in Haditha

    Yen said:

    Interesting list! ans RE:#13 you should come visit Japan:) But you might not believe it but our toilet here in the house is hands Yup, I lvie in Japan! :D

    Yen’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen

    Nancy Liedel - The Goat Rodeo said:

    When I’m down, I look at the weird toilet blog. Just too funny

    Nancy Liedel – The Goat Rodeo’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen

    Mar said:

    The toilets caught my immediate attention :cool:
    Happy New Year, captain!

    Mar’s last blog post..untitled

    Kat's Krackerbox said:

    Very intriguing list! I’ll have to take a break at work today and check them all out. Hope you and Mr. Lifecruiser have a happy and healthy New Year! Congrats on being a featured site this week on Thursday Thirteen!! :smile:

    marcia v said:

    This was ssso fun I loved it I did streets love the narrow and steep ,the statues–the babies on the sea wall–the rainbow lights in the sky this was just freat thanks for sharing

    marcia v’s last blog post..Thursday thirteen # 27

    Kango said:

    I think I want to sign up myself and my family for a most bizzare family section…We eat dinner seperately because all of us have to watch television while eating, and we don’t like the same channels…Or is that normal? :mrgreen:

    Kango’s last blog post..LonelyPlanet Trying To Reclaim The Web

    DrillerAA said:

    This is an amazing list! It will keep me entertained for hours this week-end.
    I’m just surfing and looking for TT ideas. I am at a loss this week and may not post a TT13.

    Happy New Year!

    TorAa said:

    What a great TT. I had some sporadic looks during the day at work and found some of the “rankings” both interesting and absolutely wild.

    Thanks for sharing

    PS. I think I will distribute the main link as a Friday Fun at work tomorrow.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Jan 2- 2008

    Penelope Anne said:

    HIlarious list, and a great one for a week you are spotlighted on T13. :lol:
    You know I think the TRavel channel did a special on those toilets.
    Mine is up, just some 2008 goals.

    Penelope Anne’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen Volume 14: Goals for 2008

    Gellianne said:

    :grin: Hi! I guess I have to check those sites out!Thanks for sharing!

    Gellianne’s last blog post..Engagement Rings

    Gellianne said:

    Hi! Happy TT! I already saved it on my desktop!Thanks for sharing.

    Gellianne’s last blog post..Engagement Rings

    Chris said:

    Fun list, will have to check some of them out.

    Chris said:

    What a great list! I too like the last one. Will have to check them all out at home, and not um, here at work! Thanks!

    Chris’s last blog post..Health Reasons

    momhuebert said:

    That was a very interesting diversion.

    momhuebert’s last blog post..TT#17: Thirteen Ways to Use a Giant Squash

    Rian Fike said:

    Mad grats on the featured blog status, and for coming up with a TT as good as this for the showcase.

    You. Are. Bookmarked. This list kills boredom at work like nothing I have ever seen.

    Rian Fike’s last blog post..By: Deb

    dyosa said:

    i just love the Top 10 Weirdest Toilets. lol. thanks for easing my boredom. :wink:

    dyosa’s last blog post..BORACAY HAS TWO SEASONS

    Leanne said:

    Congrats on being featured! :mrgreen:

    colleen said:

    That was fun! Life is stranger than fiction. And you and I are old timers at TT. I just did my 114th. Watch out for mermaids.

    colleen’s last blog post..13 Thursday: 2008 Rhymes With Great

    Linda R. Moore said:

    toilets is definitely the one I clicked first *grin*

    Mine is about goals this week…a road map for 2008.

    Linda R. Moore’s last blog post..Ben Nevis

    Nancy Bond said:

    Definitely one of the most interesting TT’s I’ve ever read…and lots of exciting links to explore! Happy New Year!

    Nancy Bond’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #49

    geek-betty said:

    oh neat list!!

    geek-betty’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #10 – thirteen things that happened in 2007

    Shantanu said:

    Ha, ha! Thanks for sharing. Haven’t seen all the links yet, but I love the one on Bizzare Statues — some are very creative and fun! Re: toilets, I have come across quite a few innovations during my travels – all of them in Japan. :-)

    Shantanu’s last blog post..More Room(s) in Pune

    SwordMama said:

    Congratulations Captain!!! Sorry I’m so late. My bro and sis inlaws came down on Thursday night, and we’ve been constantly out. I’ve been looking through the links, and I LOVE the vintage dresses link you posted at the very top post for the party! There are so many of them so beautiful. I’ve saved some youtube videos ~ I love the jellyfish. Oh I love the toilets too. I’d love to have an aquarium in the back. I’m still looking through your awesome links!!! :mrgreen: Wahooo!

    SwordMama’s last blog post..Surprise party on the Lifecruiser ship tonight

    Tom33 said:

    a good read – entertaining

    Elizabeth said:

    Awesome stuff!

    Jason Pearson said:

    The toilets were my favorite too. thanks for sharing this.

    Gina Alessia said:

    bizzare sports were cool too, if you had

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