13 Mad Bad Packing

Lifecruisers suitcases

The cyber cruise is starting Friday the 16th of March and goes on for at least a couple of weeks - maybe longer. Read more about it in several posts down below this one.

Step 1: What??? Is it tomorrow we start the cyber cruise with Lifecruiser?? Butt I haven’t even begin to pack…. Oh, and the clock is….too much! (Happens every time when we shall travel somewhere)

Step 2: Where are the suitcases? Down in the basement? Oh my, going down there in the middle of the night having the scary dark creatures breathing me in the neck doesn’t seem fun to me…

Step 3: Yoo hoo! Mr Lifecruiser! You have to go down in the basement if we’re going! I hope he comes back in one piece from there. I need him to carry the suitcases…

Step 4: Running back and forward between the closets and drawers gone for the world like a hysteric cackling hen in very deep concentration. How do I prepare for both hot summer weather and cold weather as it probably will be in Alaska?

Step 5: Help! I have no clothes! I have to go naked!!!! :shock:

Step 6: Finding some few garments, butt they aren’t clean! Hysteric outburst over my not functioning brain who couldn’t think of this in advance. What to do? No tumbler drier! Washing the clothes, trying to dry them by squeezing them between towels first, then blowing them with the hairdryer! And then deciding to not take them with me anyway - the colors don’t fit…

Step 7: Come to think about it? Where are my passport? Oh, horror thought: is it still valid??? Wheren’t there som new rules about them now? Pulling my hair out with the roots. Why am I torturing me with all this???

Step 8: Must shave my legs. Can’t travel hairy like a monkey. They might send me out in the djungle then. Wait, I’ve always wanted to go on a djungle safari so maybe that’s good….. Hm….

Step 9: Medicines - I always get sick on trips! Dumping them in my toilet bag. Do they have tampons where we’re going? I mean good ones. My hole I’m very picky with tampons. They have to glide in smoothly like a …….. *giggles*

Step 10: Damn it! Oh my god! I forgot to charge the batteries! No, not for my dildo - I have a much better one that works without batteries and charged by old potatoes - butt for the camera & mobile phone! Now it has to be plugged in the rest of the night until we weigh anchor and then I’ll probably forget them anyway….

Step 11: Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is calling in the middle of my packing and we talk for hours and hours. Oooops, maybe I should finish the packing and try to sleep a minute since we’re going away in a couple of hours?

Step 12: Packing the most important things which is difficult for me to find in the right size or style in other countries: shoes, party dresses, panties, bra’s & my never fitting well bikini to small for my boobs and too big for my butt making the sand coming in the wrong places giving me unwanted peelings. I don’t want to be in need of clothes on trips - I like to be without clothes most of the time…

Step 13: Mr Lifecruiser is during all this time playing net poker or watching TV totally calm and when I’m done he just goes up, open his closet and drawers and just swipes everything down in his suitcase. Ready.

Screaming out loud: It’s just not fair!!!


Wanna cruise with us? All that it takes is a link to us and participation in our cruises - no demands besides that. It’s only A-Team Cruisers that hosts the cruise and by own generous choice :-)

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Comments on 13 Mad Bad Packing

  • 1
    Rose CANADA said:

    Have a nice trip. :)

    Lifecruiser: We will Rose. It sounds like you’re not coming with us? That’s a pity :-) Oh, well, there will be more opportunities!

  • 2
    Chelle Y. UNITED STATES said:

    You sound like me. My sister is the type who packs a week in advance. I wait until the very last minute. :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, and why does it have to be the very very last minute in the night? *lol*

  • 3
    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    You remind me of my mother who ran around like a headless chicken when she had to pack suitcases, lol ! She became all red in her face and almost got a heart attack. But cool down, no excitement you don’t need a lot on a cruise ! Just comfy shoes for the excursions, jeans and T-shirt and a cardigan, and something nice for the evening. No cocktail or long dresses. See, that’s easy that’s why I couldn’t find 13 things to put in my suitcase ! But I am running around like a headless chicken to get all stuff together for the reception of my guests, lol ! That’s something to get crazy about !

    Lifecruiser: Well, apart from the red face we seems alike ;-) Calm down? With my strange body there is always problem to get clothes and shoes to fit, so I really need to have some good ones with me.

    No cocktail or long dresses? Pfffft. How do we know that? Maybe the others is planning one in their ports? This is a classy ship cruise - you’ll never know says I…..

    Oh, I recognize that preparation madness too. I just have to mention that my by now only camera has decided to retire obviously needing some heavy service. In the middle of all this! This will be fun, to show you Stockholm without any good photos…

  • 4
    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Your new template looks nice ! Just in time for a cruise start !

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Gattina :-)

  • 5
    Shoshana UNITED STATES said:

    I forgot about the cruise! I better pack.

    Lifecruiser: Yes - hurry up before the gangplank is withdrawn!!!!

  • 6
    mar SPAIN said:

    I actually have to pack for ski vacation and city hols as well and it’s hard… I always take too many things along and end up wearing 2 t-shirts and 2 capri’s… can’t wait for the cruise to begin, yeaaaah!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, even harder yes. Sounds familiar somehow…. Butt I have learned a bit, I was even worse in the beginning of our travelling… If it’s possible…. *lol*

  • 7
    MommyBa PHILIPPINES said:

    Enjoy the trip! Have fun and relax!!!!

    Happy Thursday!

    Lifecruiser: We will for sure! I’m in big need of one!!!

  • 8
    Sanni GERMANY said:

    :shock: Aaaaaaah, that´s what I call “brain cinema” =)
    Wait… I´ve seen this before… Where? Right here…

    *ROFLMAO* at #12: “my never fitting well bikini to small for my boobs and too big for my butt” Don´t care about the “peeling” - you are blessed. It could be the other way round and you´d get a peeling anyway!

    Lifecruiser: Oh no, a peeling anyway? Well, I must see it like this: maybe it’s a positive thing - my butt will be smooth like a kids ;-)

    Love the words brain cinema… suits well over here with this cruise and all.

  • 9

    [...] has helped to me get my knickers in a twist with this Big Cruise, so thank goodness that i don’t wear g-strings as i’m sure something could get [...]


    You’re so hot! And I must admit that I’m very releived of the thought of you bringing both smooth tampons and toiletpaper (smooth too? Or are we gonna be ripped off the butts? *lol*) so we can borrow some if the going gets tough.

    There can be rough seas. Not by the weather but maybe from all the partying… *lol*

    Oh, and that naughty bikini wax! You have to tell me ALL about that. I’m tired of being the hairy monkey, people are always excepting me to swing in the trees all the time!

    Violin is a brilliant idea - Mr L play’s the piano and Sanni the wooden dick pipe (!), soon we’ll have a whole orchestra!

    Very niiiiice design thoughts. I bet we’re quite a few in the need of your services!

    Only thing I’m worried for is all the heavy machines, I hope we’ll not sink the ship…..

    C U L8er

  • 10
    carmen UNITED STATES said:

    I wish I had time to cruise with ya! It sound’s like you’ll have so much fun. Forgive me, with the move and all, I’m WAY behind on EVERYTHING!

    Lifecruiser: OH, that’s a pity Carmen, we’d love to have you with us, but maybe another time then, you’re always welcome back :-)

    We all know how a move can be, so it’s totally understandable - good luck with getting it all in shape!

  • 11

    Yes! The toilet paper is definitely the “smooth” sort - strict insistance on behalf of darling husband who insists on nothing butt the soft expensive one!

    You took the words straight out of my mouth with concerns of sinking the ship! I was worried about being charged penalty fees for the weight exceeding the maximum limit to take on board! *lol*

    I’m really curious about the wooden dick pipe. I’ll have to ask Sanni if it blows really good! (hahaha)

    Lifecruiser: Gooood :-) She might be willing to do extra performances on demand… *lol*

  • 12
    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    I need a PASSPORT??? ACK! Might have to print my own! *gets out phone book* … looking for…. NOPE … NO 24 hour Passport service! I’m SUNK!

    Lifecruiser: don’t you even TRY to bail out on us! We’ll fix it, just tell us if you need help, we’ll do whatever it takes!!!!

  • 13
    beth UNITED STATES said:

    I didn’t know we needed passports! YIKES! Mine is out of date. And naked?? Oh dear!

    I love how you’ve fixed up the place! You are always redecorating :) I can’t wait for the cruise!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Beth. It’s the DAY for setting sails! Hurray!

  • 14
    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    I got sea sick only by reading LoL; batteries, no batteries - dildo or was it potatoes? Sand, in or out of the bikini (to small or fit just right?) Pills for all countries or was it all occasion? I can tell you don’t need a charger for your sense of humor and with a captain like you nothing can go wrong!
    I’m looking forward to the grand opening of the Lifecruise sail from Stockholm harbor - a party on the North Sea at night and then to welcome you all to Oslo on Saturday together with TorAa!
    As for my packing: I’ll do it the Mr. Lifecruiser’s way;-)

    Lifecruiser: Don’t be too sure…everything can happen with this captain… muuhhaaaaaa ;-)

  • 15
    Debbie said:

    I am packing lightly but with stuff I can layer in case it gets cold at night!

    Lifecruiser: God thinking Debbie - you have hubby that can warm you up :-)

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