1. Don’t have the time to explore the world, but would love to? Have you noticed our cyber cruises here at Lifecruiser? It has been on going since the 16th of March – and it’s not ended yet! I’m planning to let it continue. Preferably with some support from my cruisers :-)

2. Why don’t you joyn us? Don’t know how to? Just link to Lifecruiser, tell me about it and visit Lifecruiser to get info of what “host-blogs” or events that is around for the moment to visit and party on! (It’s not only about travelling!)

3. Read more about the Lifecruiser Cruiser Grades – and grab the code there for the buttons down below.

4. Want to support the Lifecruisers? Download and put up this button and a link to us on your blog: (Grab the code in Lifecruiser Cruiser Grades)

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7. Read some more of our earlier cruises in the cyber cruise calendar.

8. Besides visiting different ports around the world, we’ve also had a Crazy Hat Parade prize, a shopping day, a spa day, Merengue dance lessons, Best Lifecruiser Diarist Prize and lots of lots of FUN! (Could be anything we decide it to be!)

You see, the cruise is all about having FUN together :-)

9. You haven’t missed our seighseeing with Gattina in Antwerpen, Belgium yesterday, have you?

10. …Or our bonus: Claudies hometown! It’s a little town in Provence (south of France), called Ollioules near Marseille.

11. This Saturday we’re cruising to the Antwerpen Zoo and I’m sooo looking forward to it since I haven’t been to a Zoo for years! I just love animals!

12. There will be more interesting ports to come. No dates set yet, but I can mention Scotland, Turkey and FÃ¥rö (Swedish summer paradise island) to make you curious…. *lol*

13. …and if you become an A-Team Cruiser later, you’re also welcome (no force) to be our host at a port or more (= write a guiding post about your hometown or somewhere else you have been – with photos :-)


Lifecruiser lifering

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16 Comments on “13 Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Info”

    she said:

    Darn, I should have joined up back in the day when I was cruising India, Singapore and the Philippines. Hmm, guess I’ll have to live vicariously through other cruisers now ;)

    Kasia POLAND said:

    Guess who’s back!:))
    So good to be here again. I can see you are doing really really well and that makes me happy. cheers!

    carmen said:

    oh, how I wish I had the time to cruise with you! have more fun for me!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, but you’re so welcome now anyway :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Wow! Kasia, why did you leave us like that, missing you all the time!!!!

    Heartly welcome back, how nice to hear something from you again. I hope you won’t leave us for a long, long time now :-)


    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    You’re always welcome Carmen, we’re sorry you don’t have the time – but we’ll still be there later when you get the time :-)


    I’m so happy to receive the cruisers now in my new cabin! I don’t know if you know but the next international festival of cinema wich takes place in Canne is of from the 16 th may to the 27th may! Do you remember what I said to you last night in my cabin? No? oh! Between two glasses of Moët et Chandon? Yes, yes I said that I live near , near… Canne!
    So as many courious people here I will go there one day to cover as a journalist this famous festival! It would an opportunity to reserve for all cruisers at the famous Carlton Hotel or other if you prefer! I even propose to you to vote and choice yourself our palace! And the same thing for movies in competition! ( please, be cool with my poor english)
    So, my Capt’ain what do you think of my proposition?
    It could be a very funny expedition in the world of the cinema!


    I was thinking at some time to post up something from where I live after my graduation. Thanks for the great buttons!!! :-D

    :eating lots of bread with olive oil YUM! in France:

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    *proud to be an A-Team Cruiser*
    Thanks for the cool butt-on(s), Captain. I´ll display it proudly as soon as my new template will be up.

    And I´d love to host another port. Too bad I´m a bit busy… uhm, no… covered with a ton of work at present. But I´ll come up with some ideas asap, okay?


    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Excellent idea with the Cannes filmfestival Claudie! Just let me know which date when it approaches and I’ll announce it properly in advance :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    I love that button!!! I will display it next week as I have a plane to catch this afternoon but I will be back on sunday :) to visit the zoo at midnight
    happy weekend!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    That would be awesome!!!! You know we all love to go anywhere :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    That’s sounding super!!!! *smack*

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, a wedding how nice!!! I hope we get to hear everything about it! *hint*

    beth UNITED STATES said:

    Your cruises always sound wonderful! I sneak peaks from time to time :)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    You’re always welcome Beth :-)

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