Time to try our 13 steps to make Swedish Thin Pancakes!

I remember when Miss Ass. Lifecruiser was here visiting once and we never got to bed and at 8 in the morning we started to get hungry, so Mr L started to make pancakes.

You know, Swedes never eat pancakes in the morning – just for lunch or dinner and never with syrup on them like you do in US or Canada. We think that is too sweet for us and especially in the morning.

Before we start making the Pancakes, I should mention that Pancakes are amazingly efficient as a bribe when it comes to dogtraining!

My former dog Billy Boy, who was a mixed breed Boxer – Labrador, had problems in his youth to bark. He just never liked to bark. We thought that it would be good to train him to bark on command from us.

As he disliked it so much, I figured that normal dog candy wouldn’t do to get him to do it, so I used Pancakes. He first tried to cheat by just making growling sounds, but the fact is: it only took 1 Pancake to learn him!

In Swedish 1 Pancake is called Pannkaka and Pancakes are Pannkakor.

Pannkaka can also be used as a negative expression in Sweden. “Det blev bara pannkaka av allt”. “It just became Pancake of it all”. It’s origin from someone trying to do a high raised soufflé that shrunk to a more flat Pancake form.

In this case, we want to make Pancake of it all :-)

Swedish Thin Pancakes

3-4 portions


3 eggs
3 dl flour (1,2 cups)
600 ml milk (2,4 cups)
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
(optional: 1/2-1 tsp vanilla sugar)
2-5 tbsp liquid margarine, or melted butter
butter to fry

Vegan style: Replace the egg and milk with Soya milk and some baking powder.

Toppings: Jam & cream

How to make them:

1) Be prepared, it takes time to fry pancakes, but the result is worth it :-)

2) Beat the eggs and gradually add the milk, until it’s smooth.

3) Add the flour and the liquid margarine.

4) Add the salt, sugar and optional vanilla sugar.

5) Beat until smooth, no lumps in the mixture!

6) Leave it to rest an hour.

7) Fry thin pancakes in some butter on rather high heat.

8) Don’t put too much mixture in the pan, it’s supposed to be THIN! (Barely 1 dl or 0.4 cups mixture is about enough for 1 Pancake)

9) Fry until the bottom is golden.

10) Flip the pancake using a large spatula. Preferably high in the air, but make sure it won’t stuck in the ceiling! *giggles*

11) It’s not as difficult as it sounds, so don’t be afraid to try it!

12) No eating at the pan! *giggles*

13) Top the Pancakes with jam and whipped cream or ice cream.

Swedish Thin Pancakes - Pannkaka

I’ve seen so called Swedish Pancakes recipes on the net before, that mention Lingonberry jam as a topper, but I’ve never ever heard of any one here in Stockholm using that.

Strawberry is my favorite jam or to put the pancakes in the fridge to cool off and then when they are cold, put some butter and sugar on them and roll them up – delicious and simple!

You can also fill the pancakes with something tasty: shrimps, ham, tomato or minced meat and roll them up as crepes, top them with a lot of cheese, heated up in the oven or micro oven until the cheese has melted.

You can also make a dessert one with apples and cinnamon, or with other fresh berries.

Or wy not build it up on top of each other to make a Pancake cake of it with jam and cream in every layer?

There are endless variations, just use your fantasy.

Oh, my, I just did wake up my hungry monster stomach again…

Last week I published the Swedish Rocket Fuel Soup and mentioned that it’s tradition to eat Pancakes as a dessert to the soup.

The eggs in the Pancakes also adds up to that Rocket Fuel in your stomach. *giggles*

Which reminds me of an old post of mine:
Serious Fart Talk.

Lifecruiser Swedish Pancakes

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    Here in New Hampshire I will often make pancakes and serve them with melted butter and then warm Maple Syrup. Not th crappy pretend stuff, the real, right from the tree “real” syrup. Oh I love this so much. Hubby does too, but his diabetes keeps him from enjoying them too often.
    I also love them made rolled up with cottage cheese in the middle and strawberries over the top. Oh darn, now I’m hungry!

    Nicholas said:

    Very interesting. All of a sudden I feel very hungry!

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    Do you know how I make them? I buy them already made and stick them in a microwave. Bwahahahaha! :)

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    Wow.. they look yummy!

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    Very original T13! Mine is up too!

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    I like my pancakes simple – either with lemon and sugar or the full Ulster fry a friend of mine cooks.

    Great TT :-)

    Ellen b said:

    My hubby’s mom’s people come from Sweden. Swedish pancakes are a huge treat at my house and not only because Hubby makes them…
    It’s our traditional Christmas morning breakfast.
    we also eat them with sourcream and fruit syrup . The sour cream comes from my side of the family genes (Russian) happy TT
    I’m craving a pannkaka!

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    I LOVE thin pancakes with any filling! I could live on them. Because I hate to let the batter rest for a while I found one recipe I can use immediately, mmmmhhhh, I am soooo hungry now!!!
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    These look almost like crepes. Great recipe, thanks for sharing.

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    RennyBA said:

    Hey, that Pannekake recipe is my Grandmother’s!!! and she is from Norway :D

    My favorite is to put sugar and fresh blue berries picked the same day in the forest by my father.

    Btw: Sorry I was a day to early with my birthday greetings *giggles*

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    aka R'acquel said:

    No eating at the pan! bwhahahaha – yes, i’m guilty. I used to flip with my crepe pan but it died, and is rather hard to flip the heavy pan. On my last attempt, my son accused me of making really bad pancakes because it kept turning into a mess when i flipped it – hence the need to now cook the much smaller pikelette version for much easier flipping. Looking forward to trying this version, but i might need to buy another pan for the task :D Thank you for sharing!

    Jerad Kaliher said:

    I’m always up for a new style of pancakes. Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to give these a try on Sunday.

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