So, many of you might have notice that I haven’t been posted as often as before? That’s because things have been happening in real life and also because of the changes here at Lifecruiser.

  1. I’ve been busy arranging a lot of things for my old Mom at the elderly home, trying to book meetings, having some words with the nurse, doctor, the bosses and so on. This is not only because she has been ill recently, but also to get some kind of assurance that she will do better when we’re away on our planned trip that is going to take place soon….
  2. There have also been a lot of problems around other near and dear ones, taking up our time, making us really long for a trip somewhere away from all of it…
  3. My best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser has as some of you know decided to move from Sweden and a deal to rent a home has finally been made, even though a contract is yet to be signed…
  4. We have decided to go with her when she is going, which probably will be in the end of February if all will go well. I say this because things have a habit to go wrong when she is involved – and after all, she has been rather ill for the last two years. I’ve never known any person with such bad luck as she always has…
  5. This means that we have a lot of things to take care of before going. Practical things like some work stuff for Mr Lifecruiser, emptying our food supplies, dentist appointments, paper work for my mother and us, to arrange care for our car while we’re gone, because it will be for several weeks, maybe a month, we don’t know…
  6. Vaccinations that has to be done, not because of the trip, just to fill up with an already started serie vaccination for ticks so we have the right protection for the summer.
  7. I’ve worked quite much with both this blog and the new Cyber Cruisers blog, cleaning up, installing plugins etc.
  8. I’ve tried to introduce you to what RSS is with my post how to read blogs in one place by RSS and I’ll probably write one more post about it soon, another version with images describing it too. So if you haven’t got it yet, stay tuned!
  9. Lifecruiser will from now on be dedicated mostly to the subject travel in different shapes or rather experiencing the world, even though there is a chance that there will slip in other subjects now and then too, if I feel like it…
  10. Have you seen Captain’s Twitters in the sidebar? I’m writing what I’m doing at Why do I use Twitter? That’s because I can write really short messages and I can even do it from my mobile phone! So that’s what I’ve planned to do when we’re on our way. That way you get to know where we are or doing, even do I haven’t written a post.
  11. Making you curious of WHERE we’re going? Good! *teasing giggles*
  12. My mood has rised about, oh, say about… 100% since we decided to gooooo. I’m soooo excited about it! I promise, I’ll write a post about it soon…
  13. FYI: I have some maintenance to do with Lifecruiser and if you notice something strange, it might be because of that.

Captain Travel Lifecruiser

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27 Comments on “13 Facts about Lifecruiser lately”

    SandyCarlson said:

    Thanks for the insight. I hope all goes well with your mom and with your move.

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Thoughts on Silence

    Nicholas said:

    Now I’m curious about where you are going!

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #42

    Sanni said:

    Did you hear that loud big bang-like sound? That was me – bursting with curiosity :mrgreen:

    Sanni’s last blog post..The Results Are In

    Maribeth said:

    I am glad you will be going away on a fun trip! Everyone needs that!

    Maribeth’s last blog post..Thursday 13 #63

    SJ Reidhead said:

    You sound busy!

    The Pink Flamingo

    SJ Reidhead’s last blog post..Prayer List for the Week of January 20


    Looks like you are going to be quite busy for some time. Big hug and take care. Have a great TT Captain. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 129th Edition

    Kango said:

    Hope it works out well for your Mom, Captain. And preapre well for your travel. Insurance and bookings and vaccinations and all.

    P.S.: I’ll sign up for that wordpress a/c today and send it over to you asap. Promise. :mrgreen:

    Eve said:

    I envy you your anticipation of fun. But not all the work of preparation. Enjoy your trip! :smile:

    Eve’s last blog post..13 Things for Which I Am Grateful

    Adelle Laudan said:

    You have definately peeked my interest. I envy your freedom to travel wherever you are going. Happy T13!

    Cheerio said:

    Those loads of things to do. I too have been busy since Saturday last week. Our hired helper fell sick and I’m left with everything plus caring for my 2 grandkids.

    Cheerio’s last blog post..Natural Disasters! (Thursday Thirteen #4)

    claudie said:

    You are the best daughter it can be. The old persons need so much love and care. Nice to learn you will go for a secret destination! You make me very curious!!! I will stand turned to the twitter! You are a pro of blog my Captain! No secret for you in this domain! Thanks for your help to the poor A_Team cruiser I am without you I should miss the start on the new Cybercruiseship! But you were advise to throw me a lifebelt. and now I find again my cabin where I prepare good plans!

    claudie’s last blog post..Memory of my birthday

    Lifecruiser said:

    Just a test comment by Captain Lifecruiser – ignore it :-)

    Nancy Liedel - The Goat Rodeo said:

    Travel is good and you have been a busy little bee. Although I love your site and your outlook on life, you real life takes precendence.

    Nancy Liedel – The Goat Rodeo’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen

    Siani said:

    Best wishes to you and your Mom. And good luck with your trip – I look forward to hearing about your travels. Happy TT!

    Siani’s last blog post..I need a web host

    Gattina said:

    I thought that with this long “to do or done list” you forgot to tell us where you are going but now I see you keep it secret and don’t let it out yet, lol ! Where on earth can this place be, certainly not in an area with snow and winter so Canada is already excluded. I am sure you will disappear in a country where it is at least 30°, to warm you up ! Go visiting the Kangaroos !

    Jan said:

    I hope everything is gonna be OK with your mom and good luck with your trip, I’m really curious :grin:

    Dianne said:

    I too look forward to hearing all about the secret trip. I love secrets :)

    All my best wishes to your Mom.

    Dianne’s last blog post..Living History

    Starrlight said:

    Sounds busy!

    Starrlight’s last blog post..Starr is pissed and wants you all pissed too.

    SwordMama said:

    I hope that you have the best trip! Good luck with getting everything situated before you go. :mrgreen: I’m so glad that you are gonna be using twitter to keep us updated ‘cos you will be missed!!!

    SwordMama’s last blog post..Portrait of an INFJ ~ me…

    TorAa said:

    I’m too curious. I simply Call U. OK?

    TorAa’s last blog post..TORsday 13 – Jan 24 – 2008

    Natalie said:

    Enjoy your travels no matter where they take you! :mrgreen:

    Natalie’s last blog post..Make It Stop!!!!!

    Debbie said:

    I am so happy you are finally getting to some traveling! Seems it has been a while since you headed out! And I can wait to find out where because I know you won’t disappoint us!

    Good luck on getting all your things done!

    Debbie’s last blog post..Kitchen & More

    Shoshana said:

    I like this new template..and I am so curious where you’re travelling to. I hope we get to read about it.

    Shoshana’s last blog post..Ops!

    A. said:

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your travels! I hope all goes well in the meantime, especially with your mother.

    A.’s last blog post..Winter colour

    laketrees said:

    I do hope everything is smooth sailing for you Captain ….
    you new blog design is sensational….

    laketrees’s last blog post..Random Picks and an Award

    RennyBA said:

    I wish you good luck – for a change – to you and Mr., your daughter and Mom – I cross my fingers and toes for all of you and wish you good luck with your travel – I’m curious of course!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Celebrating Diane with a Sushi Feast

    chase said:

    Best wishes to you and to your mother! I really like the new cybercruiser website since it is easier to notify people of a new cybercruise and vice versa

    chase’s last blog post..Rewind, Recaps And The Lot Part 3

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