1) Love our idea of exploring the world through a cyber cruise with each others blogs, but can’t join for the moment?

Start with showing your support of our fine cruisers by displaying the Lifecruiser globe in your blogs sidebar!

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Grab the code for a 100×100 pixels Globe here:

Grab the code for a 80×80 pixels Globe here:

Or: go ahead and download the picture cc_lifecruiser_btn1.png (you find the btn2.png in the sidebar) to your own computer by right clicking on it, if you want to host the picture by yourself.

Do NOT link directly to the picture at, since that is stealing bandwidth from me – that I’m paying for – and I’m tracing all hotlinks. You will get caught with your pants down ;-)

2) Joyn us! No pressures, just to have fun visiting us :-) Read about the different Cruiser Grades here – a link is all that it takes!

3) Support us by linking to us and our cruise posts – and I’ll do the same for you – just tell me about it!

4) Tell all your friends about the Lifecruiser cyber cruise in a post at your blog. I’ll support you by linking to you if you do.

5) Spread the word in all ways you can: the cyber cruise is all about socializing and being blog buddies, exploring the world by blogcruising!

6) A-Team Cruisers: link to each others cyber cruise posts or as I use to do, call it Lifecruiser Tips when it’s not real cyber cruise ports posts but something you found interesting anyway.

7) Support the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise by voting for both Captain Lifecruiser’s profile and the at

Vote because you love my blogging style:

…and because you love the Lifecruiser blog: has been given the honor of being one of the 500 pre-selected at Blogging To Fame!!!

You just HAVE TO register at bloggingtofame.comdon’t forget to nominate your own blog – and VOTE FOR US – I’ll return the favor!

“Blogging to Fame brings in unique opportunity for everybody to be part of Mega event in making of 9 A List Bloggers. You can be part of it by either your own best blogs or just giving fame to your favorite blogs and bloggers. More than $100000 awards including $80000 to be given in cash”.

Read the Blogging To Fame Contest Rules here.

Cruisers at Blogging To Fame:

Fame RennyBA
Fame Dackel Princess
Fame aka R’acquel

Don’t forget to vote for both their profile and their blog :-)

8) Do the same as wonderful Sanni (buttkisses to you Sanni! *giggles*) did for me as well as that she nominated me: Click the button to go to Bloggers Choice Awards and vote for us and I’ll do the same for you:

I promise you’ll get your buttkisses from me! *giggles*

I strongly urge all the A-Team & A-Swab Team Cruisers to nominate and vote for each other!!!

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10) …or if you’re very generous, add all the A-Team Cruisers:

aka R’acquel
Fruity Spirit
Hootin’ Anni
Insanity Prevails
Irish Church Lady
RennyBa’s Terella
Soul glo
Sword Girl
Frolicsome Kid
Dackel Princess
ToraA mirror
Tricia’s Musings
Gattina’s Writer Cramps

11) Click the red button in the sidebar to the right to go to Spicypage and vote for us and I’ll do the same for you!
….or Joyn the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise Group at Spicypage by clicking the orange button in the sidebar to the right where we can chat a bit. (You need to stay active to stay in the group, meaning go there at least once in a month).

12) If you already have joyned us: be proud of you being an A-Swab Team resp. an A-Team Cruiser; display your button on your blog!

A-Swab Team Cruisers:

Lifecruisers A-Swab Team Button 1

Grab the code here:

A-Team Cruisers:

Grab the code here:

13) A-Team Cruisers and A-Swab Team Cruisers – and even temporary cruisers: be prepared to start the cyber cruises again – send me some of your port suggestions together with dates as soon as possible!!!


Captain Fun Waves Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser lifering

Do you want to hop aboard at next event?
Read about Cruiser Grades.

Read more about Lifecruiser cyber cruise.

Cyber Cruise Calendar 2007
Cyber Cruise Souvenirs

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Add Lifecruiser to Technorati Favorites

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14 Comments on “13 Cyber Cruise Waves”

    Rebecca Goings UNITED STATES said:

    LOL I think you beat me for blatant promotion this week… :) Good luck cruisin’!


    kaykayzowie said:

    Very interesting website. I posted a link to your site on my website. I’m going to continue exploring your site now!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Buttkisses…? Mhm, well… I… enjoyed this *ROFLMAO* Or should I say *RollOverFloorLaughingMyKissedButtOff*?

    Happy TT,

    Puss from the proud a Team-Cruiser Sanni =)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Ooops, I think the censhorship striked there…

    I take that as a huge compliment! *giggles*

    PS. And I love you too :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    You’re warmth welcome! Actually you just became a new A-Swab Team member!

    CU L8er :-)

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Ho! Ho! I do a battle with moskitos at this moment!
    bloggingtofame!Nice! I didn’t know! The lifecruiserglobe is beautiful! Ho!Ho! My Captain! Soon I will take the train for Monaco and visit the princedom tuesday! so normaly thursday must be one of the next stopping place in the Lifecruiser cyber tour! Hope we will meet the Prince Albert of Monaco!

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    You are such a blog &ho%e and I love you!!!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    That sounds just WONDERFUL Claudie – I’ve always wanted to see Monaco! Yipppieeeeeah!

    thebluestbutterfly UNITED STATES said:

    I have done many of these things.

    RennyBA said:

    Mrs. Lifecruiser: your a role model when it comes to practicing good friend blogs networking. I always say: ‘Blogging connecting people’ and in that way your a real hub!
    I feel honored to be one of your A-Team cruisers and this post encourage me to keep on with this cyber adventure throughout the whole world. I’ll send my port suggestions as soon as I’ve checked my schedule and found some of general interest!

    In the mean time, I welcome you all to cast your vote for RennyBA’s Terella
    at Blogging to Fame!

    Kasia said:

    This Cyber Globe picture doesn’t work for me. :( I tried to add the code and there is no picture, just the writing : Lifecruisers Cyber Globe. :(

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I will have to come back when I return from England next week to read all this. But meanwhile you could pick up an award which really would suit you and safe a lot of space in your sidebar ! It’s in my Thursday Thirteen !

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I don’t know what kind of problem you experienced, butt I’ve changed the code a bit now to host the picture at imageshack, so please try again :-)

    …and let me know if there still is a problem! Send me an email with the details so I can help you out :-)

    Tim said:

    Hi is this still current?

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