1. Our beloved, funny, warmhearted and witty A-Team Cruiser Sanni awarded me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger!!! Oh, my, this old hag suddenly turned pink girlie… *giggles*

Captain Lifecruisers Rockin Girl Blogger Award

2. Quoting Sanni: “Hands down, our Cyber Cruise Captain definitely rocks! Very real and very funny, this Swedish lady doesn´t shy away from the truth. She´s a breath of fresh air”.

3. Hm. I don’t know about that fresh air though…. How about some farting instead? *ROFLMAO*

4. That’s actually true. The truth-telling, not the farting. Or… well, yes I do that too, butt now it was about the fact that I do say the truth all the time. Maybe too much? What do you think? *giggles*

5. I’m going to continue with my habits and tell you another truth: I really am an old hag – and I recently got proof of it! The tests shows that I’m now entering the menopause for real. No more ovulations, pains – or tampons laying around every where! Yeah! What a freedom! Extended love life – and beach life – here I come :-P

6. I’m sneaking in one No-Goodie here too, just to take me down to earth again: the gyn doc also said that my TSH-values (P-Tyreotropin) was too high, so I have to take more tests in the end of August again to make sure they haven’t increased more.

7. If they have, it can be a case of thyroid gland disorder, which one of my sisters has. Vitamine B6 & B12 is known to help the gland. Since I’m drinking that Mivitotal Flex stuff now, with ALL vitamines and minerals and I’m going to have such a fabulous summer – I’m positive sure it will be better after that!

Actually, it can be difficult to notice it by myself, since it’s very similar symptoms as my Fibromyalgia, so does it really matter? No poo, I’m decided to have FUN anyway! Screw the sick brew! *giggles*

8. The very strange heat/sweat attacks I had for about 3 months – at the same time as Mr Lifecruiser had it too – have stopped completely! JIIIPPPIIIEEE! So that was the final proof of that it wasn’t something because of the menopause. The doc was right, it was the virus. Another thing I got rid off in time before the summer pleasures…

9. From now on, only the sun will make me sweat. And that’s Mr Lifecruiser, right? *giggles*

10. I got another virus instead ;-) The very best: the wacky one! Ev Nucci has contaminated me totally and this one is a keeper. She is very contagious with her superlative enthusiasm and joy, not to mention that she is a very witty kitty! Actually I could go on and make a long list of superlatives about her, because I love her humor. You all know how I love humor. I love her self-irony too. Somehow it seems familiar to me… *giggles*

11. This also means I have two very positive Memes to do, what a pleasure! I’ll be back with them another day after some heavy thinking, because how do I choose of all YOU…????

12. I’m a nag hag only when it comes to :*giggles*


Captain Hag Lifecruiser

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18 Comments on “13 Broad Load Goodies”

    Maribeth said:

    Join the Menopause Club! My least favorite “friend” is now “Hot Flash”. He seems to come to me whenever I try to cook. I may have to give that up and starve! HIhi!!

    Ev Nucci said:

    oh no my captain… oh no….i spent last night making these freaking things for you….on crap…………well…to bad……you get another one my captain………..shit! yes my captain my captain!!!

    my darling captain. another rockin but i’m such an idiot………i didn’t get it up in time…….so silly me…you’ll just get to see how pretty you look on it later today my captain! oh crappppppppp! i luvs you captain!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jane said:

    Girl, menopause is the PITTS!!! The only good thing about it is no. more. tampons!!! But it is just part of life and you will live through it. I am!!
    My T13 is up.

    mar said:

    I am old enough to be in the meno-club but the doc just told me earlier this week that it is not in the horizon yet… In order to comfort me she told me she has patients who are 55 and still need those tampons. Just what I needed to hear.

    Congrats, you truly rock, you deserve that pink button .
    Live, love, enjoy life. Blog about it!!!

    mar said:

    PS: did you see that picture of yours in my slide show???*wink, wink*

    Gattina said:

    Welcome to the club of tampoless women ! I am in there already a looong time got it very early around 45 ! When others still got babies. And tyroid troubles are very common in this period. But this wisdom doesn’t help you.

    pawpads said:

    Hey, congrats on the pink button. Well done. .

    claudie said:

    Ah,ah,ah! I’m not in menopause club but… but I’m in the club of tampoless! Why? An hysterectomie last year!
    Live, love, enjoy !

    Starrlight said:

    Congrats and Happy TT!

    Amanda said:

    I think my mom is hitting menopause I still have like 20 years to go!

    Ramblin Rose said:

    I so wish I was in the menopause club…. either that or a hysterctomy … I have terrible periods!! So jealous!!

    Congrats on your new toys!!!!

    Sword Girl said:

    I don’t use tampons period. I’m not looking forward to more hormonal stuff. Hopefully that’ll be a long way off. I know my Gram got hers really early.

    The captain is rocking the boat! Rock on!! :)

    chase said:

    Congrats on the award and you certainly deserve it!

    TorAa said:

    hi, sometimes i feel the world should now that Swedes, Norse and Danes can communicate together in their own native tongue
    Det er jo herlig.
    Om været her i skandinavia er perfekt for kano iog telt – ooooo hvem jan da komme padling inn pÃ¥ Farø

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, yes Mar! Ddid I forget to mention it in my comment? Oh, dear. It must have been because I was so excited over ALL of the photos you did show us!!! I loved them all.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Oh, yes, they’re too spoiled aren’t they? Maybe we should let them try to learn our Scandinavian languages? *giggles*

    Vädret kan ju inte bli bättre för kanot! Fast på land :-D

    Jag är inte lika säker när det gäller tält dock! Har ni flytvästar…? *fniss*

    Fast det är bara på vägen till Fårö, jag är säker på att på Fårö kommer vädret vara alldeles fantastiskt! Bästa vädret i Sverige i alla fall.

    Förra året var det tvärtom, då var det så torrt så bönderna var bekymrade över sina skördar!

    Jag hoppas verkligen att vi kan ses :-)

    Sanni said:

    How about changing ROFLMAO into ROFFMAO (=farting my a$$ off)?

    Keep on rockin´ the Blogosphere, love hag =)

    TorAa said:

    We have our life jackets, for sure. And even paddles. Someone told us the latter would be very useful – in fact – we do agree. ;) )))
    Who need tents, when having a canoe? We just turn it round and creep down into one sleeping bag. Very close *giggels*. What an origine: Made under a Canoe – haha.

    And Captain: Keep on Rocking

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