When thinking of beach holidays, I must admit that the first that came into my mind where not South Africa. I don’t know why, since South Africa has a 3,000 km long coastline with many blue flag beaches.

We did a research and decided to list the best and perhaps a bit more unusual beach attractions we wish to see if going there in the future. Let us know what you think!

South Africa offer tourists holidays destinations and tours as the famous Garden Route, Safari’s, Oyster Catcher Trail, horseback riding, kayaking and wine tasting. When you fly to Johannesburg from Australia, you will be overwhelmed with so many things to do while on vacation. It is important to have an itinerary to follow closely.

1. Swim with the penguins

I was quite surprised when discovering that there is a whole African penguin colony on the Boulders Beach, Cape Peninsula, near Simonstown.

We would actually be able to swim with the penguins – or should I say kiss with the penguins…?

South Africa Penguin Kisses, Boulders BeachPhoto by Paul Mannix

I could watch them for hours playing in the water, as they are skilled swimmers, or when they’re waddling around funny on land. Fascinating creatures indeed that surely will put a big smile on my face!

The penguin colony has grown tremendously, partly due to the restriction of trawling in False Bay, which has helped to increase the food supply for the penguins.

2. Thunderstorm Lightening at Beach

A thunderstorm moving towards Milnerton Beach, Cape Town. Since we love thunderstorms, we want to see how the weather can transform within 60 minutes from fine to bad!

South Africa thunderstorm lightening strikes at beachPhoto by Warren Rohner

It’s difficult to catch a shot of when the lightening strikes, we’ve tried before…

3. Wilderness Beach Stairs

Wilderness Beach on the Garden Route has perfect stairs for our future daily exercise to get in shape: to go up and down those stairs…

I wonder how many times we would manage?

South Africa Wilderness beach stairsPhoto by Crystian Cruz

There is a bridge way down there if you look more to the right in the picture, that we want to cross.

4. Cows on Ntafufu Beach

I think I might prefer to share the Ntafufu beach (Eastern Cape) with those cows…

South African cows at beachPhoto by philipp

…rather than the tourist crowdy beaches that can be found everywhere else in the worlds most popular tourist destinations.

5. Lions Head

I want to take shots like this mirrored Lions Head, Camps Bay, Cape Town. We both love to photograph reflections.

South Africa Lions head mirror lakePhoto by Damien du Toit

Can the reflection be any more perfectly clear? I doubt it.

6. Sun City Fake Beach

It’s quite incredible that there are fake beaches created everywhere in the world nowadays. To transport extra fine sand yes, but to build up a whole new beach area?

South Africa, Sun City fake beachPhoto by Shayan Sanyal

Even though the Sun City theme park beach is a fake beach, I sure would want to go there.

7. Bouberg Beach Paragliding

We’re not paragliders ourselves, but it’s always something so fascinating to watch others flying around in the air.

South Africa Blouberg Beach ParagliderPhoto by Ian Wilson

This paraglider is at the Blouberg Beach, Cape Town. I love the colors in this photo, the red paraglider wing against the very blue sky with the white sand below.

8. Noordhoek Beach Shipwreck

We want to check out the skeleton of the Kakapo Shipwreck, stranded at the Noordhoek Beach along the Cape Peninsula in 1900 after mistaking Chapman’s Peak for Cape Point.

South Africa Noordhoek Beach ShipwreckPhoto by Alan Green

A Captains biggest mistake makes an interesting tourist attraction in the end.

9. Noordhoek Beach Rider

Noordhoek Beach also is famed for its long white sandy beach, ideal for horse riding.

South Africa Beach Horse Rider GirlPhoto by MauritsV

Who hasn’t had a dream about riding a full throttle gallop along a beach and then cool off in the Sea?

10. Muizenberg Victorian Beach Huts

The colorful beach huts at Muizenberg were used already during the Victorian-era in the 19th century.

South Africa Colorful Beach HutsPhoto by Paul Mannix

I would have loved being around at that time. Just imagine how it would look back then wearing a Victorian swimwear!

11. Camper Van at Kleinmond Beach

One time in our life, we want to rent a cool camper van like this one at the Kleinmond beach, to be able to sleep at the beach and live a summer like a drifting surfer that is following the wave reports.

South African Cool Camper Van at BeachPhoto by John Charalambous

Whether or not you’re after surfing hotspots, wonderful coastal or hill hikes or just is an ordinary sun worshipper, there obviously are suitable beach areas for every one…

If you where to choose among the many available South Africa holidays attractions or activities, which one would you choose as number one?

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8 Comments on “11 Best South Africa Beach Pix”

    Got A Passport said:

    Nice blog! How about whale watching season from June to December in Hermanus. It’s within driving distance from Cape Town. It’s pretty amazing to see whales from the shore.


    Beautiful photo essay! Those are some great spots, thanks for sharing.


    South Africa is indeed beautiful. I love Cape Town


    These South Africa beach pics are excellent. My favorites are the thunderstorm lightening and the wilderness beach stairs.

    Vacation Remix said:

    Enjoyed the read.

    Parents_Of_A_Drowned_Young_Belgian_Man said:

    Don’t enter the ocean at Ntafufu beach, although promoted
    as pure paradise to swim and surf!
    My son (21) drowned there on 18 April 2011 by unseen rip currents. No one informed or warned him! Not even the owners of the resort from where he started the trip to the beach. His brother, who was with him, nearly drowned. This is a real tragedy and we want to warn tourists to stay out of the ocean, unless guarded by lifeguards!


    Oh, I’m so, so, sorry to hear that tragic information about your son! I’m so sorry for your loss, there is nothing I can say that will help your pain… Must be very tough for you and I totally understand that you want to inform everyone of the danger of currents! Actually I think that is a warning to be remembered when entering ANY beach… Thank you very much for being concerned about others too.

    guljannat said:

    i love south africa bcz my husband are lived in south that’s y

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