lifecruiser.jpgHi, I’m Mrs Lifecruiser. The twinkle in my eyes and laugh is never far away, so do not take anything I write too seriously!!!

I’m a night person, so do not try to speak with me too early in the mornings and expect to get a decent answer ;-)

I’m cruising away from the cold Sweden during the awful winter months November - April - but only in my dreams! Cruising the Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea with only pleasures and relaxation with a cold drink in our hands. Probably emptied ;-)

In reality we sometimes get stuck here in the cold Sweden even though we do try to plan trips during the cold season….

Of course we’re also writing about our own wonderful travel experiences. We traveled extremely much during a couple of years, between 2004-2006 and planning to continue to do so whenever we get the opportunity. See also our list of our travel from 2004-2005.

During the summertime we usually makes a longer stop at Fårö, a small paradise island outside Swedens east coast with the most fabulous sand beaches.

You know, most people on a cruise are over 80… *lol*

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The Lifecruiser Crew

Captain of the ship:

Mrs Lifecruiser, the human hedgehog in Sweden that loves the summertime, who have very many spines out sometimes, wandering around the world searching for food, collecting it especielly before the winter and in the nights, drags my legs behind me, have a long nose, I am slurping loudly when I eat, scratching myself like I have a lot of fleas. And I love yummy frogs…..


Mr Lifecruiser, the frog in Sweden that became a prince the day Mrs Lifecruiser kissed him, his skin are smooth (at least on his butt :-), he likes insects, worms, spiders, have declined drastically since the fifties, he makes calls on Mrs Lifecruiser, makes good jumps with his long legs around the world, like to be active during the nights, his skin sometimes hangs losely.