About The Crew

Hi, I’m Mrs Lifecruiser. The twinkle in my eyes and laugh is never far away, so do not take anything I write too seriously!!!

I’m a night person, so do not try to speak with me too early in the mornings and expect to get a decent answer. Hmmm, come to think about it, do not ever expect to get a decent answer ;-)

Me and my crew are cruising away from the cold Sweden during the awful winter months November-April - but only in my dreams! Cruising the Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea with only pleasures and relaxation with a cold drink in our hands. Probably emptied ;-)

During the summertime we usually makes a longer stop at Fårö, a small paradise island outside Swedens east coast with the most fabulous sand beaches.

You know, most people on a cruise are over 80… *lol*

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The Lifecruiser Crew

Captain of the ship:

Mrs Lifecruiser, the human hedgehog in Sweden that loves the summertime, who have very many spines out sometimes, wandering around the world searching for food, collecting it especielly before the winter and in the nights, drags my legs behind me, have a long nose, I am slurping loudly when I eat, scratching myself like I have a lot of fleas. And I love yummy frogs…..

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Mr Lifecruiser, the frog in Sweden that became a prince the day Mrs Lifecruiser kissed him, his skin are smooth (at least on his butt :-), he likes insects, worms, spiders, have declined drastically since the fifties, he makes calls on Mrs Lifecruiser, makes good jumps with his long legs around the world, like to be active during the nights, his skin sometimes hangs losely.

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11 Comments on “About The Crew”

  1. eV UNITED STATES said:

    Interesting site. Now some of your extras look like they might be persons of color? As a person of color, I find that comforting, Well, that is as long as we are not assigned to the lower decks…JP. Will keep my eyes on your blog though…:twisted:

  2. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, here is only persons of colors, so welcome in the club if you feel like it :-) We love to get comments, so just shoot!

    Ohh, we’re supervized now by you are we? Better to behave our self then - or maybe we shouldn’t, that depends on what you like ;-)

  3. Miss Ass SWEDEN said:

    I’m always around…..

  4. Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    We don’t know if that is something we should be scare of or not…. *lol*

  5. […] ~ Lifecruiser 1 Year ~ The Lifecruiser Team is celebrating 1 year of fantastic and fun blogging today. You - all blogfriends - have all contributed to make it so fantastic, so hurray for you too!!! […]

  6. TorAa NORWAY said:

    Hi, as told, I’m going to use the T13 as a resume for our cruise so far.
    Only about 30 minutes to post (I’m a notorious optimist)

    Lifecruiser: So, I’ll have to check up if you managed to get it up at last ;-)


    What part of Sweden are you from? I’m going to be traveling there in the Fall…

    Lifecruiser: From Stockholm, the capital, in the east coast. Where are you going?

  8. Gloria AUSTRALIA said:

    Haha, I just had to comment on this once I see you using Yahoo! Avatars. Thanks for the introduction. ;) Looking forward to more of your juicy fishes posts!

  9. I like the Pics, don’t worry I won’t take anything you write too seriously ;)

  10. Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:

    I made you a little birthday card over at my place captain!

  11. Dang! Here you are making up all these fantastic cruises - great places to visit and such - and you live in the country that has always been my dream to visit there! I would love so much to be able to take a trip to visit Sweden -especially the Dahlsland area, around Mellerud and Bolstad! Why? Because my grandfather was born in Bolstad, for openers. My grandmother was born in this country but her parents were from Smaaland (not sure on the spellings there.) I’ll just have to devise a virtual cruise from the U.S. (I live in Pennsylvania) to Sweden and then, have you perhaps as my landlubbers tour guide around the countryside there.

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