Lifecruisers memorable boxer

This was the face of a dog I always will remember. Her name was Memorable, shortened to Able. Why I never understood, because she was all other things but able… Very very clumsy.

My sister took over her from a couple that hadn’t time enough to take care of her and that showed in the dogs behaviour. She was a nervous dog. She pee’d in the house in the nights at first - until she was allowed sleep in their beds, the poor one. She was always around your feet, so it was unavoidable that you sometimes stepped on her paws, she had a strange way of sort of throwing them under your own feet. It’s pretty hard to avoid it then.

She was furious at other dogs they met outside. Just throwed them on the ground with a wrrrooooar that sounded horrible. The “fun” thing was that she was about 98% noise and 2% dangerous. And that 2% was against herself! Because she almost never got to bite the other dog, instead she bit herself in the lips…. It seemed terrible, that noise and the blood - and she was the one ended up hurt every time. Unbelievable. My sister said that the dogs were never hurt, but their owners were in chock and looked like they needed some medical care after the horrible experience…

Able was very irritated at my dog Billy Boy, because she couldn’t get to him and he started to ignore her a bit too and that made her even more frustrated. I remember one time when we’re going out with the dogs. She was nagging on him constantly and we all could see that he was getting really tired of her. He started to warn her sign by sign, first with just some stiff body and angry eyes, then some wrinkling of his lips, after that he really showed his teeth - and she was dumb enough not to listen to him - then he just had an completely outburst against her. And what did she do? Scream like she was killed and he didn’t even scratch her…. We just laughed at it, she had it coming.

Loud noices made her scared. When we were “dogwatching” her once, she was really nervous over all the sudden noices. Our dog never noticed them, but in the end of that time with her, she got him a little bit nervous too - not for the sounds - but he wondered what she was so nervous about!!!

She was with my brother in law at his work during the days. Luckily enough, he was not working at any place where they wear nice clothes or were “sensitive”. Why, you wonder? Well, let me tell you about this dogs capacity to drool…. At lunchtime she was almost drowning in drool. Producing BUBBLES. I’m talking about big expert bubbles, like she had soap in her mouth blowing them out like kids use to. And when she had blowed enough of them, she felt like shaking them off - and all the people in the lunchroom got very happy of all the droolings flying around of course…. She was incredible popular.

Another really memorable thing about her was when she got sick. Something with her stomach, vomiting a lot and didn’t seem to feel so well. They went to the Vet, which only thought it was a gastric catarrh. Then she did throw up a rubber ball and they thought the stomach was irritated because of that ball. So she needed a strict diet with cooked fish and rice mostly. My sister got very tired of that food at that time. This was going on for ages, with several times at the Vet which didn’t find anything wrong.

At last I suggested them to book a appointment at the Veterinary Educational Center, where they have experts Vet teachers. They did. They were doing an x-ray at the dog and found another ball stuck inside her! So they operated her and what did they found? Another ball that didn’t show on the x-ray! All together she had swallowed three balls…!!! Next time my sister went there for a check-up, they had put the balls in a display case in the waiting room, as an example on what they had operated out from dogs…

So shortly after that, Able got to taste a bit from an ice cream. And what did she do? Swallowed the stick too before my sister had time to blink!!! My sister thought it was very embarrassing when she called the Vet to ask if it was likely to come out the natural way this time….? (It did)

When you were out on the beach with her, you had to watch out, because she was rolling big round stones and if she was above you on the cliffs, you’d been in the hitzone! And her way of “swimming” - if you even could call it that. I’m still laughing at the memory. When we throw a wooden stick in the water for our dog to fetch, she always wanted it before him. But she couldn’t swim at all - making very high leg lifts splashing the water in front of her so she couldn’t see where she was going! That splashing and her eyes, what a combination! Every one seeing her were laying on the ground laughing them self to death. She had no chance. But we did noticed that she got better at it with the time, not splashing that much water any longer.

Then we had her absolutely oustanding - or should I say upstanding - style to pee! I don’t know if she thought that she was a male dog or why she did it that way. She lifted her leg against a tree you see - but that wasn’t all! She very often lifted BOTH her pair of legs in the back, balancing on the front pair of her legs for quite a while. Marvelous!

Lifecruisers memorable boxer eyes

So ugly she was with her red eyes peeping at the sides like Marty Feldman, a little pink around the mouth - and the up pointing nose of hers…. And her feet, very long and ugly. What a sight she was!

…and yet so adorable!!!!

So don’t tell me that dogs don’t have any personality.

NOTE: Yeah, I know, I’m totally crazy, but I loved that dog. She was so ugly that she was cute!

6 Comments on “The Memorable Boxer”

    sisiggy UNITED STATES said:

    You just know I love the puppy posts!

    It’s amazing the behavior we put up with from some dogs. But they look so cute and apologetic.

    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    Dogs are great, aren’t they? And, it doesn’t matter what they look like…they just have a way of capturing our hearts. *s*

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Awwww she isn’t ugly at all. She’s a darling! I must be as crazy as you cause I have a lot of animal stories to tell too. I just haven’t gotton around to doing them yet :)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I can only answer: they’re all adorable whatever they do - at least afterwards ;-)

    sharlet SINGAPORE said:

    What happened to her eventually? She sounds a little silly… but fun to have around. I heard boxers are a fierce breed of dogs though. When I was young, my grandfather used to breed boxers to sell. I remember them as being very fierce dogs. :S

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Well, Sharlet, she probably got some damages in her stomach because of the balls, so she did never fully recovered after that. There were years with stomach problems and other problems so at last it was time to put her to sleep for her own good. Sad sad but you have to think about the dogs own good.

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